International Health Insurance for Traveler and Expatriates

International Medical Health Insurance for those living abroad.

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Individuals & Families

GeoBlue and Cigna Global for Expatriates living abroad

Students & Faculty

  • Long-term healthcare student coverage
  • Short-term healthcare student needs
  • Individual Plans for students & faculty

GeoBlue for Academic Students & Faculty

Extended Families

  • Global coverage for large families abroad
  • Family members living in multiple locales
  • Coverage under one single policy

Cigna Global covers Extended Families

If you are part of a large family that has other extended family members living abroad in multiple locales Cigna Global now offers High Net Worth families the ability to collectively select extended family members so that everyone is covered on a single international policy type. There are many advantages such as simplified administration from one location, discounts offered that can total up to 20%, peace of mind for the family patriarch knowing those most important to them have proper global coverage. Let us quote your extended family coverage and let Cigna Global provide you the cover and service you deserve. Click Here for more information...

I am Here Before, During & After the Sale

Timothy N Jennings Authorized Independent GeoBlue AgentA little about me... I live and work in Jackson Hole Wyoming which is not only a beautiful place to live but I am blessed to be exposed to a multitude of International Expats from around the globe. This is all I do which is to say I am a full-time International Health Insurance Specialist that works daily with High Net Worth Families and their businesses from around the globe. I want to earn your business and I want you to know that I am one of your BEST resources in addition to the comprehensive infrastructure provided by GeoBlue after the sale.

I make myself available pretty much 24/7 to ALL of my clients and I am always ready to assist you and your family no matter where and when the need arises. I have direct access to the entire GeoBlue support system and in extreme cases I will work tirelessly to make sure you and your family are receiving the direct service required to meet you needs.

Living and working abroad is gift not many experience throughout their lives but for those of you who are blessed to be truly global in your work and personal lives it is my sincere wish that the only time we need to work together is the say hi at different points throughout the year and that you never have to experience the level of service GeoBlue is capable of delivering. But should that day come both GeoBlue and I are here to help you through the crises.

If you would like to explore the International Cover options for your family reach out to me by phone +1 (307) 690-0427 or email me at "" or simply complete the brief Quote Request Form below.

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